Coffee and sweets from Bobo Pops

... this year our young business first time ever saw a customer without a mask. And of course the first idea was to have together a cup of good coffee and enjoy a few minutes of live communication.

So we started our coffee shop journey. With soul and passion to best gastronomic impressions.

Our shop is located in the heart of Limassol - on Griva Digeni 104B, just near Alphamega Linopetra and Limassol Sporting Center.

Our coffee

After several tests and tastings we decided to choose beans roasted by Funt Kavy, a top Ukrainian roaster who continue their beloved work even in today's extreme enviroment.

We brew only several coffee drinks so that our barista's eye does not lose concentration and she makes her best to perfection :)

Our sweets

same as other products all sweets are vegan and clean label meaning that they do not contain neither refined sugar, nor other harmful additives. This is because we use only best plant-based components and agave syrup as sweetener.

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